HP ZBook x360 and New Detachable Keyboard x360 with Dreamcolor

The ZBook is more powerful than ever for anyone needing to run higher-end graphics programs. A whole line of new convertibles with Wacom Pen, and a new detachable keyboard tablet give you versatility in your creations.

The new line of ZBook include convertible and detachable PCs. With 8th gen Intel 6 cores, AMD Radeon graphics, and Dreamcolor 4K display with 600 NITS RGB. A Wacom AES pen is available for artists and other creators. Higher end ZBook models come with a removable back side to upgrade memory, change the battery, and more.

The ZBook x2 detachable comes with the same features, Quad core processor, along with the same features as the other ZBook notebooks, the detachable keyboard turns on the Bluetooth so you can continue to use the keyboard. Macro buttons on the side allow for quick switches when the keyboard is not available.

HP also won best of show at NAB for their DreamColor Monitor. The ZDreamColor 27x gives 1 billion colors in RGB, and an exact color correction for all content creators.

Prices of the ZBook start at $949. The x360 starts at $1,499, the detachable is not priced yet, and the is $1999.

Get ZBook x360 here. Also check out the HP website.

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