I Sat in the Justice League Batmobile at SXSW DC Popup

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity as I was at the DC press event at . Even top artist was excited to do this. But I got to say, It’s not easy getting into a


The press was invited to sit with top DC names to learn about 80 Years of Superman, along with the new TV show, Krypton on Syfy. Moderated by IGN Executive Editor Laura Prudom, we heard from Dan Jurgens, Jim Lee, , Brian Michael Bendis, Cameron Welsh, Nadria Tucker, and Lina Patel.

About Krypton: The Making of a Legend

Nadria and Lina are working on the show Krypton. The show focuses on Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El, who has to fight for his family’s honor as the House of El was shamed over false claims with Superman’s great-great grandfather.

About the 80th Anniversary – 1000th Issue of Superman. The Trunks are Back!

The panel also discussed how in this 80th anniversary how the iconic superhero has changed. One issue was how the trunks were removed from the iconic suit – but now #thetrunksareback.

A great panel interview (which I will be posting later this week – See the Facebook Live version).

Geekazine Gets Into A Batmobile

It was an honor to be able to get into the Batmobile. I had a choice between the Tumbler Batmobile (Dark Knight), or the current Batmobile. The “Batman Forever” batmobile was also there, but not accessible for this opportunity.

Jim Lee got to not only get into each Batmobile, but got to start and rev the engine. No word on if these cars could drive on the streets of Austin legally, but from sitting in it, I know I wouldn’t be able to see the car next to me.

I also didn’t have the grace of getting into this vehicle. Although the seat area was small, it wasn’t cramped. Panels to the left and right were easily accessible – although also pretty archaic, as they were toggle switches rather than digital displays.

Nonetheless, I had an awesome time for this once-in-a lifetime opportunity – sitting in the same seat as Ben Affleck.


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