Instagram Photos Are Now Public Domain?

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I am sad and a little glad my trip to NYC fell through. Last few weeks was a tough one. Trip back from Vegas wasn’t perfect but I’m home. Video for CAWorld can be found on YouTube or coming to Geekazine. I also got to play with Glass for a ever slight moment – Robert Scoble is getting the most use out of his pair. Slight tweaks to the website as I fix some lingering problems.


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Geek Smack! episode 260 Tech News:

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A Google app that rounds up your other Google apps? Now available on iOS? Ok… 😐
MLB YouTube Expansion
MLB expands YouTube Partnership which allows streaming outside US
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The newest version of iOS7 (to debut at WWDC in June) is different, but flat – as some would say.
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Internet Taxes
It was bound to happen – you might soon have to pay Internet tax for purchases online
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Apple seems to be rejecting repairs of that have a smoke flavor to them.
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Amazon is rumored to be working on their own box to stream Amazon TV and movies
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Statue of Liberty has “state of the art” face recognition to spot potential threats. Could other landmarks start seeing this software implemented?
PayPal in Stores
PayPal has been signing up merchants to accept payment from the online service. Yet WalMart is holding out for some reason.
GPS Robbery
Man puts GPS device on woman’s car to find when she leaves so he could break into her home
Apple I Up for Auction
German auction house is putting up very rare computer items including a fully working Apple I, the first Intel 4004 chip and an Altair 8800

Geek Smack: Are Instagram Photos Public Domain Photos?

Now when you take a picture to Instagram, you are saying it can be used by anyone. At least in the UK. The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act passed through Parliament which did what Instagram wanted to do a year ago – make pictures available to use freely.

Why not? They supplied the software to Kelvinize your photos. They wrote the program to collect the pictures and post to Twitter and/or Facebook. Why shouldn’t they get all the rights to them?

This also means Facebook could follow – public photos could become public domain. So that means 3rd party companies could take that picture and use it in their ads for Facebook or Instagram. They can also wholesale it – which means someone profits off your work.

Now this act is just in the UK. It hasn’t hit the US just yet – but it could. For Instagram pictures, I just don’t care if someone takes it and uses it. I don’t use Instagram that much anyway. However, I am hoping there will be an opt-out if spread to Facebook. I don’t care if you use some of my photos, but there are certain ones I want to keep to my use.

Some people say it’s corporate capitalism. The reach of this could enter into Flickr, Picassa and many 3rd party social media sites with pictures. I do want to believe that would only stretch to those who have FREE accounts – paid accounts might mean a better level of security.


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