iPad Mini Released Plus we Say Goodbye to CeeFax

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Week 2 of late night podcasting due to the roofers. The show must go on, right? Especially when the water comes down into the house. Otherwise a pretty laid back week with watching the Apple press release today. Please Fill out the Geek Smack! Survey


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Geek Smack! episode 241 Tech News:

The Apple iPad Mini Event
More than just an iPad Mini.
Amazon Problems

Foursquare, Reddit, other services were majorly effected yesterday
Rubber Band Patent Invalid
Good case of a silly patent taken down. This is the technology that ‘snaps back’ the webpage when you pull down to refresh.
AMD FX Update
8 cores, 4GHz base clock for $195
AT&T Antipiracy
Implementing a six-strike law when it comes to illegal downloading
Dropping RIM for iPhone
If the government sector is dropping RIM, what does Blackberry have left?
Zynga Ad Network?
Zynga is planning to start an ad network for other game companies to be part of.
FTC on Facial Recognition
New rules in place to help with privacy. No facial recognition in bathrooms for example.
Samsung LCDgate is False
Erroneous report saying Samsung is ending relations with Apple on LCD monitors.
iPad Mini Pricing?

Who the hell would pay for a 8 GB iPad?
Amazon Blocks Wrong Account?
Story of a .co.uk user who got her account blocked because they associated with another blocked account.

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Meme – Steve Jobs Would Never
Beatles or Comics – Fabtastic Four
Dolphins – Mimmic Human Speak
Kickstarter – Dice Ring
Bar – World’s Geekiest Bar
Faith – Disco Jesus

Geek Smack: Goodbye Ceefax

After 38 years, CeeFax is being shut down. Ceefax is a phonetic for “See Facts”. The service came online in 1974 by the BBC. However, on October 24th, Ceefax will finally be retired.

Ceefax was developed by engineer Geoff Larkby and technician Barry Pyatt. The system gave you information when you needed it from your Tele (as the british would say). Think of it like  a Geocities for Europe. Pages were created and maintained with information like sports, entertainment and other news.

Of course, you could only see Ceefax on the BBC network as it was part of their analogue system. Now that the UK is switching off analogue the service has to be taken down.

Think about how this was state of the art back 38 years ago. Now think of how it lasted 38 years where people still use it. In fact it seems Ceefax is only being taken down because of the analogue shutoff.

Maybe someone should make a digital version of Ceefax.

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