iRig Stomp I/O is a Pedalboard for Guitar, Voice, or Any Instrument

As we get into this digital music age, we want to feel safe when we put something in front of our feet. We don’t want iPads damaged, or iPhones stolen during a gig. – an innovative music company – has been working to merge iOS, tones and pedals. The comes from years of building, learning, and re-building. The end product is something you will use for both practice, and for performance. I talked with Dan from IK Multimedia about this new product coming to shelves this year.

What is the iRig Stomp I/O

It’s a pedalboard for your need. Set up with 4 main buttons and a expression pedal, you can make these buttons do whatever you need. You connect this up to your guitar, then add your PC, iPad, Mac, or any device that will allow for a low-latency music pass-through, and start rockin.

The Stomp I/O is a 96 kHz/24-bit device that provides input, connection to computer or iPad through USB or MIDI, External pedal switch, and Stereo line outputs to mixer or amp. The 4 button interface also can be set up for looper mode, tuner mode, or other modes that might be available in the future.

iRig Stomp I/O for the Guitar

Connect this device up to your guitar, then run AmpliTube, or many other programs on the iOS device, PC, or Mac (Garageband, Logic Pro, Presonus, Ableton, etc). Do some practice using the headphone jack to keep things quiet, or connect to an amp to rock it out. One line to Amp, the other to board for live performance, or in-home .

iRig Stomp for Keyboards, Bass, other instruments

Amplitube has bass presets, Sampletank and iGrand for keyboards, and even a saxophone, horn, or many other instruments will benefit from this pedal. A harmonica player can get the gritty sound they look for, while a horn can dial in soft to harsh sounds, depending on what the music calls for. The possibilities are endless.

iRig Stomp for Vocalist

The main input is a 1/4″ TRS/XLR input with Phantom power. Vocalists can utilize the Stomp I/O with Room to turn your $20 microphone into a ribbon , tube , or many other sounds. With VocalLive, you can add effects to your voice, and control them at your feet.

The iRig Stomp I/O will be available in March starting at $299. When available, you can get it here. Learn more at the IK Multimedia site.


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