Juiced 2.0 Wireless Group Charging Station

Wireless Group Charging Station

Juiced 2.0 Wireless Group Charging Station

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I always take a battery when I’m on the road. When I’m at home, I usually don’t plan for that, since I have cables nearby. Then I go to the store, and forget my battery is at 10%. Juiced has a solution for families that need to charge their devices on the go.

What is Juiced 2.0 Wireless Group Charging Station

The name is a little misleading. The station is not wireless, the batteries (when charged) provide the wireless ability. You can plug up to 3 batteries in to charge for your device. When you need one, simply remove it from the dock, add an adapter (if needed), and be on the go.

When you need the juice, it’s no different than any other battery pack. Just plug it in, and charge. A small blue indicator on the side will tell you if it’s charging.

Add the suction cups to the battery, and you can affix to the back of your device.

Thoughts on Juiced 2.0

It’s nice to have around, but I am concerned the lack of LED lights indicating how charged the battery is in the dock is going to frustrate people. After all, you don’t want to pull a battery that is not fully charged.

I also don’t see larger devices get much charge from a 1530 mAh battery. My iPod Touch (1020 mAh) got filled, but the Android device (2,000 mAh) was only at 15% after draining the battery.

For the price, it looks like something a family can use to get by when planning a day at the beach, camping, or other trips.

The size and suction cup option are really useful – making it one with your phone. I really want a more powerful battery, though. Something 2,300 mAh or better.

The company does not have a website I’ve seen, but you can check out their Kickstarter page.


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