Kodak CFH-V10 Home Video Monitor Review

CFH-V10 from Kodak

CFH-V10 from

While I was slightly under 4,000 miles away, I could still keep great tabs on my home using this Kodak CFH-V10 from Kodak. This is a small IP that not only allows me to monitor what’s going on at home, it can also record events for my review.

The CFH-V10 is an you can watch or listen to at any time via smartphone or computer. Simply install the iSecurity app or go to isecurityplus.com and login with your credentials.

Setup is fairly easy – turn the camera into setup mode, then add your info including home Wifi connection for remote viewing.

Get the Kodak CFH-V10

The fish-eye lens captures a great deal of a room. If you need more, such as pan/tilt, you can get a CFH-V15. The camera can detect noise or a person moving throughout the room.

You can set the camera up to email you whenever an event is detected. You can also get a cloud storage plan, which will record events to the cloud for your review.

Most events will only be around 10 seconds, but anything more suspicious could make the recording longer.

The voice feature not only allows you to hear what’s going on, but also talk into the camera. That could scare off an intruder or might even work as an intercom if someone is at your front door.

Kodak CFH-V10 Pros and Cons

The CFH-V10 is an indoor system. I tried putting it on a window cill, but it couldn’t get past the reflection. It’s meant for indoor use, so it works best overlooking the inside.

The is great. When the light is low the camera goes into night-view. It picks up and does a great job determining what type of event happened.

You get lifetime 1-day storage of events which means you have 24 hours to review or download captures before they are gone. Extended cloud storage plans are available starting at $9.99. You can download any event and use IFTTT.com to download files.

The camera is HD but only 2MP 720p. If you want more, the CFH-V20 is 3.15 MP and the camera is detachable.


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