Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight and Alarm Monitor



is valuable in not only keeping us safe, but informing us when something is wrong. Internet connected thermostats and are great, but some of us rent as opposed to own. In those cases, we might be stuck in what we have.

But it doesn’t mean we can’t be informed.

Enter in the Leeo Nightlight. This is an Internet connected device that’s primary role is to illuminate your hallway, stairs, or another area of the house. But is only one of the few cool things it does.

First of all, let’s look at how easy it is to activate. Simply plug in the nightlight, then download the iOS or Android app. Connect via the peer-to-peer emits to configure this device and add to your home wireless system. The Leeo smart alert will then be available when you call up the app.

The main page shows you the temperature and humidity which you can re-check at any time. If the device detects a major change, it can send you an alert right away.

Another interesting feature is it can detect your smoke or CO alarm. You set those up by testing your while Leeo is in listen mode. Of course, Leeo needs to be close to the to detect the sounds, but since this is also a nightlight, it’s meant to be out in the hallway, already.

You can set multiple emergency contacts. It will first try to contact you, but if you have an emergency contact in there, it will send another alert as well.

Finally, you can adjust on the fly by turning the dial on Leeo for a brighter nightlight.

So the Leeo alert smart nightlight will monitor your alarms and give you a safer passage. But how well does it really work? When we come back, I’ll talk the pros and cons to this device.

Pros and Cons on Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight

So the Leeo smart alert nightlight illuminates at night, and becomes a home monitoring system all day long. But how well does it work?

First of all, the nightlight can get pretty bright. If you don’t close your bedroom door, certain colors can be really distracting. Even at it’s lowest illumination setting, the nightlight can still be a distraction. I found green on a white wall is the best color in those cases, although walls with different colors and textures might change your results.

The ambiant light sensor is not as sensative as I’d like it to be. I had mine in a spot where enough daylight got through and it still stayed on.

It would also be nice to see a so after so many minutes of inactivity, the light either drops low or turns off.

The design does cause for the Leeo to take up your plug outlet, and can eventually “droop”. If your power goes out, there’s no backup battery inside to send an alert, or even keep illuminating so you can find your way out in a smokey room.

Keep in mind, the device does have to be in earshot of the alarms – around 75 feet and not behind a door. If you have a larger house, you may have to get more than one Leeo to monitor. So a two-story house may need 2 to really work.

But it does work. I set off my smoke alarm, the Leeo went red and I got a notification, then phone call. If I was in the house during an event, I could safely get out.

I could see a lot more features added with this device within time. Maybe a “noise detection” option if you are away from home, for example.

For $99, this nightlight is worth the cost. Especially if you are a renter in a small house or apartment. I have been able to avoid obstacles at night when making that unscheduled run to the bathroom or kitchen.

For more information, check out Leeo.com

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