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Monoprice Electronic Drum Kit

Monoprice Electronic

Whether you are an up and coming or a weekend warrior, you need a set to play and improve. Sometimes an acoustic kit is not feesable where you live. Electronic kits have been dropping in price and there are many to choose from. I take a look at one of the sub $500 kits in the Monoprice Electronic Set.

This is the first kit that Monoprice offers. With 5 drums and 3 cymbal triggers along with the module, you can work on your flams and paradiddles without filling the house with sound.

The kit sets up in around 40 minutes. You will need a Phillips screwdriver for assembly. The kit comes with a drum key, but the only device that uses it is the bass drum pedal.

The pads are single piezo sensor drums. The cymbals are dual sensor as you can get multiple sounds from each cymbal. You can even mute a crash by grabbing on the underside.

The drum module itself hosts up to 40 presets, but many options for sounds. From drum sets to ethnic drums, vocal sounds and much more. Attach a MIDI device to use the module as a tranfer point to GarageBand, EZDrummer, or other software. You can even connect an iPad for drum sounds.

With all screws tightened, the set can handle some heavy play. The hardware is solid for the amount of banging a drummer will send out. I was happy with how the pads felt and responded. One issue older electronic drum sets have is when you hit one pad, it reacts on another – therefore a cymbal might trigger when you hit the tom. With this Monoprice set, that did not happen.

There was only one issue I had and that dealt with the hi-hat foot controller. It wasn’t responding to my foot lifts in time and definitely missed some of my movements. Even with the MIDI device connected I noticed the left foot wasn’t as responsive as I would like. Good thing is if you focus on the left foot, you can get the desired result around 95% of the time.

As for the main module (brain): they are perfect for practice but not suited for performance. Connecting a MIDI device will definitely get you more desirable sounds.

For the weekend warrior or beginning drum student, this kit will definitely flip the bill. It can easily fit in a bedroom and if you pad around the set, the noise might never go past the room.

You can get the Monoprice Electronic Kit on Amazon or through the Monoprice website


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