Monster Clarity Bluetooth Headphones and Earbuds

unveiled some really amazing at this years show. Jeffrey talked with Stephen at 2018 about not only the new Headphones and , but also about the Joe Perry Sound of Rock Blaster.

Monster HDX Headphones, Earbuds

Monster’s Clarity HDX headphones are a breath of fresh air. They are packed with cool features. Let’s start with the Tile tracker circuitry that’s built in. This uses the same as the popular keychain finder tags, and you know what that means. It means that if you lose your headphones, you can find them using a smartphone app. How many times have you lost your headphones or earbuds? This is a great feature. Right now that is in their headphones and will shortly make its way to the earbuds.

They also feature Google Assistant for voice-command features. These headphones have , but you can also have a direct connection through USB-C. Since USB-C gets power from the source device, the power switch on the headphones has a mode that forces the headphones to run on their own rechargeable battery. This way your phone’s battery doesn’t drain and leave you sad.

A feature called MonsterTalk lets you play music from any streaming service by using your voice, no matter if it’s Spotify, iTunes, or others. I told you that these headphones were packed with features. Price is expected to be between $199 and $249.

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