New Kenmore Connected Washer/Dryer and Dishwashers

Kenmore wants to connect the appliances in our homes and to that end, they have unveiled some new smart appliances. The Kenmore smart will be available in February of this year. A smart app will allow you to remotely monitor your . This allows you to put your laundry in and run the actual load anytime you want.


If you do a load of wash when you leave for work in the morning, you are going to come home to your clothes having a mildew smell, but with this system, you can run your load just before you get home from work and then put it in the dryer at that time with no hassle at all. You can even download customized cycles so you can do your laundry the way you like. Most washers don’t have a setting for kids clothes, but you can download one. These will cost $9.99 and you can get them from Sears and Amazon. The dryer has a steam setting that doesn’t require you to add water, which will be great for getting those wrinkles out.

Kenmore Smart Dishwasher

The company’s new dishwasher has a 360 degree power-wash arm that gets your dishes clean and runs only as long as it needs to. That will be a nice energy saver. It also has a tray up top just for utensils.

Through their nationwide partnership with Amazon, they will provide a white glove service that includes home delivery, installation, and these appliances will be maintained by Sears. You can find out more through Amazon, or


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