NewTek NDI Connect Spark First Look, Setup in Wirecast

can be easy, and difficult at the same time. Especially if you are trying to record or stream 60fps. In the last year, has come out with the protocol, which allows you to send video across an IP network with less pixelation and . The was released so you can send any camera video signal – from a Go Pro, DSLR, or even a commercial grade camera – over a network to the recording computer, or even a series of monitors.

The NDI Connect Spark

This device comes with HDMI or 3G-SDI connections, for whatever video system you use. The box itself can be connected to Ethernet, or a WiFi signal (5G Wifi recommended). Two USB ports and a micro-SD card slot are available for recording from the device.

The Spark also allows for Tally light use for larger production needs. A pass-through HDMI (or SDI) allows to send video signal to another monitor, computer, or recording device.

A web interface allows you to set up the Spark, start and stop recordings, and even change the quality of the stream.

Using with NDI Connect Spark

Wirecast 8 has the ability to control the settings of the video stream as well. Connection is as straightforward as setting up a new scene. Use the Video and Audio sync to remove any latency issues.

In This Video

I go through the device, it’s features, and even a couple issues to think about when using the Connect Spark in your video workflow.


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