Ninja Professional (BL660) with Nutra Ninja Cups – Unbox

Ninja Professional BL660

Professional BL660

I got a chance to surprise Jennifer. She is into smoothies and healthier eating, but never cared to much for our . The pitcher broke a couple months back and so that started the search for a newer – more powerful .

About the

This is a higher powered blender which helps in the chopping of harder items (such as ice) to make for better blending. The BL660 comes with a 72 ounce pitcher for big jobs and two single serve cups which convert to on-the-go drink cups.

The BL660 can handle anything from creating a great to making your own or other dinner options. You can even make ice cream with this blender!

Get the Ninja Professional Blender (BL660) at Amazon

Surprising Jennifer

Not only is this an unboxing, but we also get a first look of Jennifer’s excitement. Funny thing was I dropped hints all day about having smoothies but instead of going to the store to get ingredients, she actually got us !

Still, this was a fun video to pull off and this morning we had a very healthy breakfast.


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