Philips Fidelio E6 Wireless Surround 5.1 Speakers

Enjoy your movies and music the way you want with the Philips Fidelio E6 Wireless speakers. The next generation in the Fidelio line with Surround on Demand (SOD) : A set of speakers with subwoofer that contain 2 extra which can be put behind you for 5.1 surround without running wires. When done, simply replace on the main speakers to charge for the next movie.

“The consumer enjoys 2 movies, maximum 5-6 hours a week. But you always have two speakers sitting in the back of the living room” as Ken Chan from Philips explains.
The Fidelio wireless speakers also can be used as independent Bluetooth speakers, connecting to any device you need.

Phillips Fidelio E6 Detachable Speaker

Detachable Speaker

When connecting Google Cast or Spotify Connect, you can conveniently listen to your music without turning on the TV. The main speakers also feature the center audio configuration which can eliminate a center speaker in a 5.1 configuration.

The 320 Watt (200 W subwoofer) speaker system will be available in the U.S. Summer of 2016 for $799.


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