Podcast Ep 122 – Apple Rumors Should Not be Google News


This week, I go into a good rant on Rumor articles taking up 40% of Google News this week. Unfortuneately, the dogs started barking during mid rant. I picked up where I left off and spliced it together. Enjoy the show!

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
Don’t use IE6/IE7
Bing Data Retention
Acer Predict PC extinction
FCC 700MHz Band Ban
ONZO Green
Twiangulate it
Google vs. China
Avatar Curtailed in China
Baidu CTO resigns
Send Tweet on Valentines Day
France $2.88 Billion Internet Speed Improvement
US Broadband at 3.9 Mbps
Verizon FIOS 35 Mbps
Bad Lexicon
NYT Back to Pay Model
4th Ammendment and the Cloud
Want a Space Shuttle?

Backchannel – NBC Universal Sharp Blogger Lounge
Poll – Should Google Remove Rumors from News?

Rumors are NOT NEWS! Google: Fix this problem.
Apple 99.4% Market Share of Mobile Apps
New $1K iPhone App
AT&T Drops Price Plan
Apple: Block Nokia
2 Microsofts Better than One?
Make your Website Faster

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