PogoCam Lightweight Eyewear Wearable Camera

is the world’s smallest and lightest attachable you can buy, priced at $149. The device attaches magnetically to most glasses that are on the market, allowing you to keep your own signature style. They are very unobtrusive and natural looking compared to other options. You won’t feel awkward using it and you won’t look awkward either, which is a big plus. PogoCam is small, lightweight, and easily removable. It allows you to capture the world from your point of view and share 5 megapixel photos and videos with others.

The PogoCam Smart Case

When used with the PogoTec smart case, images are easy to transfer. Just connect it to the smart case using a standard USB-C connector. The smart case will hold 16,000 photos or up to 90 minutes of . The smart case is compact, so you can carry with you in your pocket. It measures 2.8 x 1.6 x 0.7 inches. The smart case also charges PogoCam in just 35 minutes and will deliver up to three recharges before it must be recharged itself. Once PogoCam is connected, all of your images and are automatically transferred to an internal memory chip as well as any smartphones or devices connected via Bluetooth. Easily share them to social media.

The company has begun work on a second generation of PogoCam already, which will have more advanced specs for capturing pictures and videos from your own unique perspective.

Find out more at PogoCam


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