Poly Expressive MIDI Foot Control for Additional Control of your Sound

Stomp pedals are nice, but they can be a pain to get a specific sound. Bending over to turn dials, then trying to get that same sound through 3-4 devices. is working on a way to use the MIDI interface so you can get the sound you want every time by simply moving or tapping your foot.

What is Poly Expressive MIDI

This is a board that can sit in front of you. When you want a specific sound, tap on the area you designated for it. The board also allows you to create expressive foot areas, so when you slide your foot, the pedal will change it’s sound. Great for Wah, adding/removing feedback, and even adding MIDI tonal sounds.

The Poly Expressive is made with a polycarbonate and aluminium composite, so no matter how hard you stomp, it won’t break. The pedal areas are created by you. Changing the areas are easy to do. Each pedal’s visual aspect is created via your printer – simply create a pedal board configuration, then print it out. If you are on the road, simply pull out a piece of A3 or ledger paper and a sharpie to create a new combination.

This board also allows your pedals to be off the front of stage. If someone spills a beer on your board, just wipe it off with a towel, then keep on playing.

Poly Expressive runs on iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows. It’s still in crowdfunding mode, so support via Kickstarter. Head to PolyExpressive.com for more information!


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