Popular Keurig Kold Makes Coke, Sodas, Tea and Mixers

Keurig Kold Drink System

Drink System

While at CES 2016, I got to try out the new Keurig Kold, the cold drink version of the popular system. While it doesn’t make coffee, it does make some great cold drinks, such as craft sodas, , tea, and even mixers – just add the alcohol or drink it as-is.

The Keurig Kold makes a drink in a couple minutes. The pods are different than a standard K-cup. Inside contains compartments to the soda and the carbonation; a series of beads that react to the water. You can watch as your drink is created through the 1-2 minute process.

Just like with the coffee system, you simply have to add water and your favorite flavor cup to the system. Then sit back and enjoy a nice tea, sparkling water and more. No yet, but that is soon to come!

In the meantime, the Keurig Kold system is available for $349.99 . I had a taste of the Coke Zero and was impressed on how crisp the soda was. I cannot wait to try some of the other flavors.


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