Record Anywhere in HD: PreSonus Studio 192 and 192 Mobile

have gotten a lot smaller even in the last 5 years. Gone are the days of effect racks and power conditioners. You can record multiple tracks through one device to your computer. PreSonus has helped lead the way in this type of recording and with the new Studio 192 and 192 , you can get high definition wherever you go.

The is a 4 input, 4 output box that connects to your computer via USB. Using the software, you can set all levels, effects and more, then record. Whether a podcast or live music, the 192 Mobile can record at to give you the best recording for mixing. Each channel also gives 118 db of dynamic range and XMAX microphone preamps will help you record anything from a piccolo to a bass drum.

If you need more, PreSonus has two other options. First is the Studio 192 rack-mountable unit which allows for 8 inputs and 10 outputs. The DP88 is an additional box you can get which allows for another 8 channels to be added – up to 2 DP88 boxes for another 16 channels. This makes for a versitile system if you only need a couple channels or the full 20 (with the 192 mobile or 24 with the 192).

And with the Studio One Remote, you can adjust settings right from an iPad through the Studio One software for PC/Mac, when connected to the unit via USB.

The Studio 192 is $899 and the 192 Mobile is $599. The DP88 is $699 (as of 2-2016)


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