I Replace the Macbook Optical Drive with OWC Data Doubler

OWC Data Doubler

OWC Data Doubler

In part one I showed you how I replaced the Macbook hard drive with an OWC SSDBecause of this, I now have an extra hard drive lying around. But what’s more interesting is I have a DVD drive that I don’t even use anymore in my taking up space.

OWC has a solution that will give me more hard drive space in the Macbook. It’s called the OWC Data Doubler – a metal cage that forms to the specs of the DVD drive but allows me to put in my old hard drive, or another SSD.

In this video, I go through the steps to take the old DVD drive out of my Early 2011 and put the Data Doubler in with my old hard drive.


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Get the OWC Data Doubler

Of course, this information is going to be slightly different depending on which Macbook you own. I talk you though some of the differences you may run into.

What You Get with The Data Doubler

Of course, OWC will give you a full instruction manual talking you through the different Macbook and Macbook Pros out there. The Data Doubler also comes with a set of screwdrivers and plastic pull tool to help gently pull the flat plugs out.

What Can You Do With 2 Hard Drives In Your Macbook?

0 or 1 Your Macbook Pro?

With the two drive system, you have options to help keep your data safe. If you RAID 0 your drives, they work technically as one hard drive (they must be the exact same drive, though). You wouldn’t know the difference of where your data was stored. If you RAID 1 your hard drives, you can have a mirrored drive in your Macbook. That way if one drive crashes, the second will have all your information.

Apple doesn’t really suggest to RAID 1 your drive. The best bet is to periodically run a full backup on your Macbook.

Multiple Mac OS on Macbook Pro

You can technically do this with an external drive or even split your SSD into two partitions. Still, lets say you want to test out the new Yosemite beta on your machine. You can easily set that for the second hard drive over your main. Maybe you run Bootcamp and want the Windows partition on the second drive.

When you boot, you hold the option key to get choices of which OS you want. Then head to the OS that you need to be in.

I use my 2nd drive for extra storage. Keeping older files like images and video that I need to pull up on a moments notice helps me keep the SSD cleaned up. It also disperses the heat where the HD will work a lot less than ever before.

What to Do With the Optical Drive?

In part 3, I will not only show you an enclosure for the Macbook optical drive, I’ll also show you a hard drive enclosure if you get 2 SSDs for your Macbook (or keep the optical drive in your Macbook).


In the meantime, what would you do if you had the Data Doubler in your Macbook or ?


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