Ring Security Systems: Now More Than a Doorbell

Ring Home Security System

Ring Security System

Ring made a name for themselves with a doorbell system that allowed you to capture who was at your front door. Of course, thieves will try to find other ways into your home. When I had a break-in last year, they came through the back. So Ring has been working on more security, including acquiring a light company to give you more peace of mind.

New to Ring

Coming spring this year will be the Ring Alarm – a central hub that sends instant mobile alerts if door and window sensors are tripped. It can put your cameras on instant record, turn all lights on, so you can contact police quicker and easier.

A updated Ring 2 is available, along with a series of outdoor security cameras that are either wired, or on battery/solar power.

Sensors for Smoke, CO, and Water

The Ring Smoke & Carbon Dioxide detector will send alerts if it senses dangerous levels of smoke and CO. A Flood & Freeze sensor (underneath pipes, refrigerator, water heater) alerts you of water leaks, or freezing conditions can happen. You can then fix the problems before they become disasters.

Ring Beams

Ring acquired Mr. Beams last year to add an LED light level to their systems. With Ring Beams, you can add a floodlight sensor over the garage, walkway lights, and other LED triggered lighting in places you need it most.

For more information, Check out Ring (Amazon), or through the Ring Website.


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