Riva Wand Multi Room Speaker with Battery Attachment

Multi Room Speaker with Battery Attachment

Riva Wand Multi Room Speaker with Battery Attachment

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Summer is approaching fast, and with it, you’re gonna want to be outside more than in. You also want to have your music with you, inside and out. There are many options to choose from, but one speaker is standing out for it’s versatility. The Riva Wand – Part of the system – can add that functionality for you. But does it sound good, is it priced right, and will I love it?

The Riva Wand

This is not a smart-speaker, so you cannot ask it to turn off the lights or change the thermostat. You can connect it to your phone for an IP based (or other) connection for music, and more.

This 3 lb speaker is able to connect to your iOS or Android device. With the Wand software, you can connect to Google Home, or your home media server. The device can also run off Bluetooth, USB, and AUX inputs.

Inside the Speaker

This 50 Watt Amp contains ADX Trillium Drivers, and three passive radiators. This allows for a splay of sound from 3 directions. The Wand supports many music formats, up to 24 bit/192 kHz.

The Additional Battery

This is a great option for anyone that moves from room to room. That way, you can take the speaker into the kitchen, basement, bedroom, or wherever, and not have to plug in and re-set up. The battery allows for 20 hours of audio before recharge.


The Riva Wand will set you back $249 (MSRP). The additional battery is $99. Compared to a Sonos One, the base unit matches, and the battery is a great addition. Especially if you are moving your speaker around a lot.

Get the Riva Wand HereRiva Audio Website.


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