Saramonic Smartmix for iPhone, Android, DSLR Camera

I always try to find a good solution for audio when recording out. When I am portable, I need a rig that has a small footprint but can do much more. When I first saw the , I thought it could be a great video companion for my smartphone. Yet, it does a lot more.

The Smartmix is a that allows you to record up to 3 to your or smartphone. The mixer also gives those DSLR cameras a headphone jack so you know what type of is coming out.

The Unboxing

First part of the video is the unboxing, which unveils the main unit, clamp and handle for most Smartphones (iOS or Android), two position-able microphones, mini XLR to XLR adapter cable, and two cables to connect to your smartphone.

The Specs: Saramonic Smartmixer

The device can capture 20 Hz to 20 kHz, depending on the microphone you use. Input 1 and 2 gain is at 15 dB which is perfect for a un-powered mic or lav microphone. The side MINI jack can connect a Dynamic microphone or one needing Phantom power.

The unit runs on a 9 Volt battery (battery life dependent on your microphone usage and phantom power needs). A Lithium battery can also be used for a rechargeable source.

Smartmix weighs 26.1 oz and only is 95 x 35 x 198 mm in size. In all, the unit fits easy into your bag.

Initial Thoughts of the Saramonic Smartmix

This video shows the unprocessed recording from the mixer. I give you recordings from the Sony camera I used and the iPhone via the BossJock app. Keep in mind I usually post-process audio for leveling and clarity.

I also purchased some simple lavaliere microphones to use with this device. Switching to the lav gives a better sound as the microphone can be placed closer to the subject.

The size of the device is very compact. I like the smartphone clamp, although larger smartphones might have issue with insertion. My iPhone 6 fit perfect with the Olloclip case on.

The mixer also has multiple options to clamp on a camera and have other items like lights or microphone clips connected to the sides.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the purchase as I can be more versitile with my video recordings. I can choose my phone over my camera but can easily switch over. The Saramonic does not record or add attenuation, but I will be able to connect more than one wireless to my camera for some great interviews without wires.

The Saramonic Smartmix is $149.99 and available on Amazon


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