Silicon Cowboys: Documentary on the Rise of Compaq Computers

Silicon Cowboys Poster

Silicon Cowboys Poster

While at SXSW I was invited to see the documentary: Silicon Cowboys. This is the story of the rise of Compaq computers in a time where IBM ruled the land. It’s important to understand that if it wasn’t for Compaq and their battle against the giant in the 80’s, we might not have the technology advances of today.

Tech Geeks will get a rise out of all the adverts within the documentary. Some will even relive the 80’s and 90’s when Compaq was at it’s prime. For me, I remember back to the day my uncle walked in with a Compaq portable computer, set it up on the table and turned it on. That is really the day I knew how hooked I was on computers.

This David-vs-Goliath documentary shows how Compaq built their own personal computer without stealing any secrets from IBM. It shows how Compaq powered the PC market as IBM tried to bring them down using mounds of lawyers.

If you watch the AMC show “Halt and Catch Fire”, you have a good understanding on the history as the show is loosely based on what Compaq did.

I got a few minutes to talk with Rod Canion – Founder, President and CEO of Compaq – and Director James Cohen. We talk about the computer, the film and more. What is most interesting is all three of us share the same birthday.

Getting ready for silicon cowboys the retro way. #sxsw #geekout #SXSW #GEEKOUT

Posted by Geekazine on Tuesday, March 15, 2016


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