Sony URXP03D Easily Connects Wired and Wireless Microphones

Sony URXP03D Dual Wireless Receiver Unit

Sony URXP03D Dual Unit

If you wanted to mic up a guest to an interview such as this one, you would need two wireless receivers to do it. Sony is now helping fix that with the series . The URXP03D is a receiver that not only can connect two wireless sources but also allows for two more inputs for many different operations.

While at NAB 2016, I talked with Andy and learned about all the types of wireless they offer. The -D series includes in-camera adapters and external adapters such as the URXP03D. This receiver is a 4-input, 2 output device. This means you can connect 2 wireless microphones – lavaliere or handheld – and either one or two microphones through the Mic Input (stereo connection). This will give you ability to mic the room and the speakers, then adjust for maximum performance.

The two wireless subjects can be captured on a single or L-R capture. Andy explains the receiver is actually 2 separate receivers in one enclosure. Best part is this is around the same size as a single URX box.

If you run Sony cameras, then the adapter shoe will connect your receiver to the without external cables. You can then connect to the shoe and start capturing the subjects.

This dual-receiver wireless will be out in Q3 of 2016. $999 for the URXP03D with combo deals for adapters and lavalieres.

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