Sound Devices MixPre multi-track: I Record a Song at SXSW

Devices is a good ole Wisconsin company that works in . These are high-end devices that are used in pro of music, video projects, and more. If you know what a Dead Cat is, you probably have heard about Devices. But they decided to travel to SXSW and show everyone else what their new multi-track recorders do.

What is 6 and 10?

Small, lightweight, and can up to 10 . That is the MixPre-10T in a nutshell. Weighing in at under 2 lbs, the 10T can be placed under a DSLR camera, or attached to a mixing board to interviews, panels, live concerts, and more.

will be bringing out the 10M if you need to sync time code with video.

Each MixPre comes with Kashmir microphone preamps inside. This gives you a -130dbV noise floor, 32-bit A-to-D converters, and powerful USB-C recording. Battery packs available if you need to run off portable power.

Add the Wingman app to your iOS device to control your MixPre, 688, 664, or 633 devices. This will give you a better metering and timecode display.

I record a Song

To show how straightforward it is to make a song on the go, I create one on the fly. Using an original song I wrote, I perform the chorus with drums, guitar, vocals, and harmonies.

MixPre starts at $857. Get the MixPre-3 Here, or check out the Sound Devices Website for the release of the 10M.


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