Sound Devices Partners with Sennheiser AMBEO VR for Binaural Audio Recording

These days it’s all about VR, but VR is not just about creating a virtual environment for your eyes, it’s also about sound. has partnered with to offer direct recording and monitoring of 360° spatial for VR with its and MixPre-10T portable recorders. These are the first portable recorders to deliver onboard Sennheiser AMBEO VR to binarual decoding.

Check out Sound Devices at SXSW – Jeff Records a song!

Sound Devices says that “this allows VR creators to assess and make creative decisions about spatial audio content at time of capture, without needing a post-production workstation.” In other words, it is going to save VR creators a lot of time and headaches during production of their content.

Sound Devices is positioning themselves strongly in the emerging VR market. This is a powerful one. You can expect a free firmware update to be released soon for both the 6″ and 10″ versions.This update will support recording in ambisonics A-format or B-format regardless of mic orientation. It will also support stereo or binaural headphone monitoring and both AmbiX and FuMa B-format standards.

Your immersive audio workflows just got a lot more streamlined folks. They want to make it as simple and straightforward as possible, so you can get your work done and focus more on the actual creating.

Get the MixPre 6 Here. Also check out Sound Devices Website.


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