Switching out Computer Heat Sink with Cooler Master Hyper T2

About a month after setting up this new computer, my processor fan started sounding like a single prop airplane. I couldn’t record any video without that noise getting in the way. I tried several ways to pad, but it just made better sense to get a more powerful heat sink. Which is why I bought the Cooler-Master Hyper T2.

Why didn’t I go liquid cool? I really didn’t want to have that hassle in my computer at this time. Further, if I have to take my machine on travel, this way works a lot better.

Installing the Cooler-Master Hyper T2

The process is pretty simple. This video will explain everything. More than I can. The key takeaways:

  • properly ground yourself
  • turn on the computer for a few minutes to let the thermal paste warm up
  • Generously apply Thermal Paste and make sure it covers the whole area
  • Check the case size vs the heat sink. Since this one stands on end, it might protrude out of the case. You need 5.5 inches

You can get the Cooler-Master Hyper T2 here at Amazon. See the difference in your computer, too!

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