TASCAM DR-44WL Four Track Recorder with iPhone, Android Remote



While at the International CES 2015, I got to sit down with of TASCAM to learn about new products coming soon. A fan of TASCAM recorders for many years (I still have my TASCAM 4-track tape recorder in the basement) and owner of the DR-60D, I was excited to learn about the DR-44WL and other new recorders coming out.


Jeff showed off the DR-44WL in the video. This is a 4 track recorder with 2 XLR inputs, XY pattern microphone and dual recording feature so you can record a high-quality . file and a lower quality audio file which could be transferred quickly to the web.

Both devices handle sound pressure up to 132dB and reduce noise if you are holding the recorder in your hand with cradled shock mounts. The Microphone preamp in the DR-44WL can handle whatever microphone you plug into it.

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