The 1 Billionth iPhone


Checking out the Arlo Smart Security Camera System
Also reviewing the Scottevest Featherweight

Morning Geeks! Episode 14 show notes: Stardate -306425.37

CONTEST – Enter to Win an Exploding Kittens Card Game! 
– Happy Birthday Wil Wheaton, Martina McBride, Geddy Lee
– Sega Genesis
– This person built his own mini- Nintendo
– Replacing all your photos with
’s New Warcraft Statue
Trail: American Settler Card
– The Fairy Penguin

New to This Week 7-29-2016

– Virus
– Jason Bourne
– The Huntsmen Winter’s War
– Lo and Behold: Reveries of a Connected World

– Jerry Doyle Passes Away
– Go on, Name Your Kid Pokémon
Inc. Celebrates 1 Billion iPhones
buys Yahoo. Is the Madness finally over?

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