Is Tim Cook on the Way Out of Apple?

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I’m on the road for the last day of . I talk about coming to Vegas twice in one month and the tolls it takes on you. Lots of great tech news and geek news too.

Since I’m on the road, I decided to try out this Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB/XLR Microphone. It did a pretty in capture – although I had to go in and do some post production for volume. What do you think about it?


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Geek Smack! episode 259 Tech News:

5mm Thick SSD
Western Digital UltraSlim shipping at $89
Focus Twist App

Does this app turn the iPhone into a Lytro?
First YouTube Video
Me at the Zoo was the first YouTube video uploaded April 23, 2005.
Don’t Siri and Drive
Survey says even if you use commands you still are distracted from driving
XBox 360 Pizza
New app allows you to order your favorite Pizza Hut pizza on your XBox
Netflix Grows – Kinda
3 million people subscribed to watch . We’ll see if they stick around after.


Geek Smack! Geek News:

Google Glass Next Year
assesses the newest geek device in Glass wont be out in time for Christmas
Firefox Dev Phone
The first developer phones are available with the Firefox
AP Twitter Hacked
The rumors of the White House getting attacked are false. AP has fixed the problem.
Storage Tricks
Think outside the box and get organized at the same time.
$15 for AntenneaGate
If you were part of the Apple Antennagate lawsuit, you will be getting a check for $15.
Old Computers in Use
OS/2 and punchcard computers are still around and in use on a daily basis

Geek Smack:

The stock is falling – from almost $700 a share to $400. The hand-picked Jobs protege in Tim Cook might be to blame. Still, stockholders (which are also Apple employees) are dropping parts of their stock before its too late. So is Tim Cook in a spot where he will get fired from Apple?

I have to give Cook props – Him replacing Steve Jobs is like me singing after Aretha Franklin.

I thought it was a good move – go from the pirate in Jobs to the suit in Cook. Strengthen the company until the next Steve Jobs shows up.

If they are lucky.

Its not all of Cooks fault. They are suppose to have a team that is unsurpassed and visionary. Yet this team made a smaller iPhone that even Steve Wozniak criticized. They believe that putting out sub-standard product in cheaper iPhones and the iPad mini would help. All it did was make people think if Apple didn’t have any new ideas.

Meanwhile, Samsung is starting to sting into the smartphone business – big name tech influencers like Robert Scoble made the switch and are vocal about it.

Google Play has also jumped in to start taking music and TV away from iTunes. Spotify even jumped in there – so the competition has gotten a little more fierce.

Some financial analysts are suggesting that letting Cook go might bring someone in with insight and innovation. But who would that be? Can one of these high paid executives at Apple take over the job?

Further, what can you do with the iOS system that will set it apart again? Will an iWatch be the answer or start a similar buzz to a Apple Glass?


I still have an iPhone and iPad. I tried a Windows phone and Android – which were nice but were no iPhone. Maybe I just don’t see the rats jumping ship yet…

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