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Getting ready to head back to Vegas for Tech Cocktail. The folks at Veeam have stepped up to help with airfare. Now I have to plan the week of getting some startup interviews and more. Just as the CES live broadcast videos have been wrapped up.

Welcoming a new blogger on Geekazine. Adi from MHF Tech will be posting about games on Geekazine. Of course, I’ll be highlighting his on the show. 

Last night’s TWIGG had Libby Chang from Wearables Weekly on the show. We had a great event talking about Luke Wallace’s new Glass frames. I am waiting for my v.2 Glass to return from Google.

It’s FAWM – February Album Writing Month. While I don’t usually do 14 songs anymore, I am going to try my best to do as many as possible. Some of them might just become part of my podcast – royalty album.

Congrats to Seattle Seahawks on the Superbowl win. There is a lot of Madison, WI in the team — not only did Russell Wilson QB in my alma matter, but another Badger Quarterback is on the team. I actually went to school with Darrell Bevel – who took us to the Rose Bowl in 1994.


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Geek Smack! episode 290 Tech News:

Microsoft’s New CEO
– Congratulations to Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s newest CEO!
Gates Steps Down?
– Bill Gates steps down as Chairman of the Board at Microsoft to become Nadella’s tech advisor
Facebook at 10
– The Facebook turns 10 years old today
Chrome HiJack Feature
– Chrome has a new feature that will tell you if they think the browser is being hijacked. You can then set to defaults.
Twitter Redesign
– Twitter is setting up for mobile devices, so they moved some stuff around on the website
Chromecast Open to Developers
– You can now put chromecast features in your apps and programs.
New Freefall Footage
– GoPro video released of last year’s freefall from space.

Geekedia of the Week

Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum – Create shows like I do!

Geek Smack! Geek News

Can AT&T Charge You Twice?
– AT&T files a patent for “non-permissable traffic”, which could mean an Internet walled garden
Google Barge Must Move
– San Francisco is telling Google they must move their big floating store because they don’t have permission to put it there.
Let iPhone 6 Rumors Begin
– Latest information on the 8th Generation iPhone
Is Net Neutrality Back?
– Two bills could bring back
Asus Chromebox
– The new Chromebox by Asus ushers in Google’s 3rd party development option
Pebble Appstore Live
– You can get apps for your Pebble through the new store
Amazon Prime Price Hike?
– Amazon is thinking of increasing the price of Prime as much as $40. Maybe its so they can start the drones earlier…
Twitter gets Patents
– Twitter acquires over 900 IBM patents. Before that, they only had a couple
YouTube Partner Woes?
– YouTube Partner talks about how hard it is making $120,000 a year? Really? 

Geek Smack: Getting Hacked – Time for a New System?

You might think that the “Great Credit Card Hack” happened last November at Target Stores nation-wide. Reality is — hacking for credit card numbers has been an issue for many years. Do you remember the big TJX card theft in 2007? 45.5 million credit cards were found to have been stolen throughout a few months time.

We are starting to hear more companies having the same problem. First, it was Neiman Marcus. Now, if you’ve used your credit card at certain White Lodging hotels (which include Hilton, Marriot, Sheriton, and Westin hotels), you might have to watch your statements for fraudulent charges.

Oh, by the way, were you charged a monthly fee of $9.84? You might be paying for a “money making online program” that you might have not even signed up for. The only one making money here, is the people charging you $9.84.

Bottom line: The almighty credit card (and subsequent debit card) you grew up with are not secure.

We put ourselves at risk everyday. According to creditcards.com, 1.5 billion own a debit/credit card. Although 176 million own credit cards, there are 1.5 billion in the US alone.

Here is the kicker – we have BETTER card technology that could have prevented Target’s breach, and more.

When I first was told my cards might be involved, I went to V.me to monitor my purchases. It’s a cool concept — every time I charge on the card, I get a saying the charge was made. I even found a monthly purchase I was making that I cancelled 8 months ago.

Did you know that the US credit card is actually way behind the UK’s system? They have a “” method which has reduced fraud cases by 4x! And the interesting fact is this technology has been around since 2004!

It’s called EMV – Europay, and Visa. It does require us to remember a pin number that we enter when we use the card. Some may say this is a pain trying to remember a pin. If your credit is four times safer, wouldn’t you want to do that?

There have also been talks through the years about identification programs with your card. This has been widely discussed and disputed, due to the fact someone is collecting and possibly could share your data.

Stopping fraud is best handled by users knowing who’s charging them, what they are getting charged for, and calling the companies when something is awry. With an annual $190 billion in fraudulent charges, cutting that by 4 is a great start…

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