Turn Your Light Into a Computer with Beam Labs

You might think “Why would I want to turn my into a computer?” I was thinking that, too, until I saw what the folks at are up to. This is a ingenious that has a full Android OS inside. Simply screw in the Edison , turn it on and use the lamp as a projector.

The first application I thought of was for a restaurant. You could  easily have a menu project onto a table. When you don’t want to see the menu anymore, flip the switch and it’s a regular .

With the app, you could also turn that menu-light into an Internet Connected game system or video watching system. While the family waits for breakfast, they could be watching the latest news projected on the table from the overhead lamp.

Most portable lamps could be converted to smart lamps by switching out the bulb. Forgo the lamp and take a small can light with you to show off your presentation to the public. The 100 Lumen, 854×480 screen in 24 for over 20,000 projection hours. Add to it the 2×2 Watt speakers to hear your videos and games.

The device inside is a 1.3 GHz dual-core processor with 8 GB of storage. The device can connect to Wifi and Bluetooth devices.

Beam is available now for $455 per unit.


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