Is Uber Responsible for a Child’s Death?

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This week was simply a catch up week as I have to make CES videos and post them to TPN.TV. Of course we’re in the middle of the polar vortex and doing anything this week is a lot tougher. iPad365 started back up this week with Call of Duty Strike Team. Also had a great TWIGG last night with Luke Wallace.

Still planning to head to Vegas for Tech Cocktail, but I need your help with travel. If you can help, let me know! Use the Amazon link or B&H link. Congrats to Rob Greenlee, the new CTO at PodcastOne.

Bringing Bloggers onto the site. Looking for more people that want to help grow Geekazine. If interested in starting your own blog, let me know!


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Geek Smack! episode 289 Tech News:

Prescription Glass
– Google showing off prescription frames for Glass. Would you pay $1725 for it?
– Microsoft renames SkyDrive to OneDrive.
Comcast Joins Charter
is helping on trying to acquire . Deal will give some new markets
Galaxy Glass
– Samsung getting into the wearable eyewear game with Galaxy Glass
Windows 8 Update Rumors
– The Windows 8.1 Update 1 could bring us closer to the old Windows look and feel
Apple Falling?
– Questions on if Apple has the finger on the pulse of technology making investors cautious
Angry Birds Spying
– Popular apps like might be spying on you.
Free Meal Squashed
– Chinese man used First Class tickets for free meals

Geekedia of the Week

Geek Magnetic Poetry – Make your own Geek!

Geek Smack! Geek News

Dell 3D
– Dell will be reselling Makerbot 3D Printers
Gawker and Tarantino
– Gawker bordering on predatory journalism in posting Django Unchained followup that Tarantino nixed
Logitech Conference Cam
– New powerful webcam for conference calls from Logitech
Yahoo Buys
– Yahoo! acquires Tomfoolery and previous Yahoo and AOL users
Bitcoin Exchange CEO Arrested
– Charlie Shrem is arrested for Money Laundering
Google Deepmind
– Google acquires artificial intelligence company Deep Mind for $400 million
Goodbye iPod?
– The iPod sales are dropping. Everything in an iPod is in an iPad or iPhone. So will this be the last year of the iPod?

Geek Smack: BAD : Be Responsible for Your Drivers

Uber is a private shuttle service which has received a lot of criticism for working like a taxi service. The UberX program is where you call up a car from your smartphone and arrange destination and fare all before you get in the car.

I use it a lot when I’m in an Uber area because its easier to get than a cab.

However, over the holidays, UberX driver struck a mother, son and daughter in a crosswalk while waiting for a fare, killing the six-year-old . Uber initially stated the driver was not part of Uber, only to recant the statement and say the driver was not working for Uber at the time of the accident.

The reality is: Muzaffar was out on the streets waiting for a fare from Uber when he struck the family. Since he didn’t have a fare in his car, Uber is opposing the fact he was working for the company.

Uber made the statement that only their black car service drivers are real employees of Uber. Everyone else is just a contractor, which puts the liability on them. A small caveat in their work model to save the company from full time employment models.

On the other hand – the way it was pieced together was the mother and two children were around the curb of the crosswalk in the tenderloin district of . That means the driver had “clipped the curb”, causing the accident. That is .

Still, the driver was out in the name of Uber. San Francisco lawyer has filed a wrongful death suit against Uber. He is challenging the fact that Muzaffar should be considered an active contractor even if he doesn’t have a fare in his car.

It is a responsibility of all drivers – cab or non-cab – to follow the rules of the road. There are too many times where I see rules broken that put people’s lives in danger simply to save a couple seconds. When a tragic incident happens, everyone should take responsibility. If Muzaffar was driving a taxi, the cab company would have taken liability.

Instead, Uber reacted by firing the driver. Not that he could drive right now because he’s sitting in jail. Isn’t it Uber’s responsibility to make sure their drivers are following the rules of the road? Are they planning to make sure this doesn’t happen to another six-year-old?

It really goes to say that if you hire someone, you are responsible for their actions while this person is working for you and take responsibility if they might be doing something that is dangerous. If Muzaffar was logged into the system and set to receive a fare, then he was employed by Uber. Simple as that. Its also sad that Uber would leave him out in the cold. Imagine how you would feel if you just accidentally killed a six-year-old girl.

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