Why Does BlackPanther Want to Sue Suicide Squad


Reddit user BlackPanther has stated he is planning to sue over Suicide Squad. The trailers had scenes of #Joker that were not in the . Can he win a lawsuit like this?

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Morning Geeks! Episode 16 show notes

– The : The Movie 30 Year anniversary
– Nintendo takes down the Power
and the #?
– National Aeronautics and Space Administration images of #?
– Pokémon Sun and Moon
– Spider-Man Homecoming
– Amazon.com #Prime Airplane
– Gotham debuts #?MadHatter?
– Why the Rio 2016 pools are green
– An Android #Bug found?

**New to This Week**

– Sausage Party Movie
– Pete’s Dragon
– Ghost Team Full Movie
– The Movie
– YouTube Red and Fight of the Living Dead series

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