Wirecast 9: What’s in Store for Telestream Wirecast

Yes, I use Wirecast for live-streaming and for recording video. I have used, and coached others on the software since 2010. It amazes me how we can create broadcast-style shows without paying thousands of dollars to do it. Yet, it keeps getting better, as will release shortly. With a new pricing model, new VP of Product Development, and support of new products, I can’t wait to use 9 in my workflow.

New Wirecast Pricing Model, Update Schedule

Some of you may think that Telestream is updating the software for another gauge in your pocket. Reality is, they have changed the model. Now, after you’ve purchased the Standard or Pro version, you only have to pay a $100/year upgrade fee. This will keep you current on the software without breaking the bank.

It also makes the jump to Pro easier. There are more features that you will want and Wirecast Pro will deliver. Especially if you start using NDI, Scoreboards, and Virtual sets.

Telestream will also do 2 major updates a year. The software will also do minor updates for bug fixes.

Addition of XKeys

This was the big announcement at – You will be able to purchase an X-Keys customizable Wirecast layout pad to use instead of your keyboard for switching. Check out X Keys here.

in Wirecast 9.1

Wirecast has a new window that will allow PTZ control of many current model cameras. It also will be able to pre-set up the shot with PTZ position so you only have one button to press.

As NDI grows, Wirecast is growing with it. You can set up and use these IP-based cameras right away in your workflow.

Does Wirecast Have 4k?

The short answer is yes – it’s available right now in your workflow. You do have to set it up to use, and Telestream is not ready to support just yet.

More in the Video

I sat down with to learn more about the new features, and direction of the software. This also includes a new way to do Captions and .

Get Wirecast Here. Visit Telestream Website.


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