Wonder Workshop Cue Robot Teaches Kids To Code

The new from are designed to teach kids as young as kindergarten to code, but aside from the aspect, they are also quite entertaining. Connect these little robots to your smartphone or tablet, then use the free app to interact with the robot. You can choose from 4 avatars to customize these bots. Each avatar has a unique personality. They boast new Emotive AI systems, more memory, improved sensors, upgraded processors, and advanced Bluetooth capabilities making them very clever.

Features of Cue

Some of their other features include: 3 Proximity Sensors, Real-time Bluetooth, IR Robot Interaction, 3 Processors & Sensor Fusion, Dual Motors and Potentiometers, 3 Microphones and a Speaker, Programmable LED & Buttons and 2 Powered Wheels and Encoders. Kids can learn about and javascript by interacting with these bots. Chat with it, text it, create reactive sensor behaviors, or code creative interactions using block or JavaScript programming.

For instance, remote controlling the bot will help you to learn about the sensors. As the video points out, the sensors can either seek and follow or avoid objects. So you can make the robot follow you or anything else within, say, 10 centimeters. Or make it stay away from people and objects. Through the Action Kit app section, you can program things the like distance it should follow behind, or the distance it should stay away. So kids can get into some complex programming using these sensors.

It looks like we can expect even bigger and better things from Wonder Works in the future.

Check out Wonder Workshop Cue


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