Workspace Lift35 Improves Your Desk Adding Adjustable Height

I remember when I had to move from  to not only at work, but also at home. While desks might have ability to be height-adjusted, home desks are a fixed height because they are also your kitchen table or the old in the basement. That is why I love the ErgotronHome Workspace Lift35 Desk – It’s an addition to your desk that adds multiple tiers, along with the ability to raise and stand at your desk.

I have been a fan of the Ergotron brand for years. Having the Workfit D Adjustable Desk and the dual , I can move my desk around without major issue. ErgotronHome is the consumer version of the company which gives home offices the same abilities to work. Back at CES, I talked about the ErgotronHome Hub27 mounted desk which is great for small spaces.

The ErgotronHome Workspace Lift35 is a great addition to any desk. Heck, I could even add it to my Workfit D for additional height and usage. You can set this addition onto any to give it . Therefore, you are not replacing your desk, just adding a new level to it.

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Posted by Geekazine on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Lift35 is extremely stable and solid. The top surface allows for 2 monitors, a laptop or even an all-in-one desktop up to 35 lbs. The second tier fits your keyboard and mouse easily. The full unit raises up an additional fifteen inches (20 inches from tabletop).

The Workspace Lift35 has a counterbalance mechanism so you don’t need any cranks or motors to lift and lower the desk. The mechanism also prevents the Lift35 from crashing. Simply pull up the two handbrake levers and add a bit of pressure to move up or down.

I always find the best pattern is to stand for 20 minutes, sit for 20 minutes and get away from your desk for 10 minutes. If this is a shared computer, you can have your height and your family members can raise or lower to their height.

It’s the best way to dress up a workspace and even put many older desks and tables to use around the house. Coming in multiple colors and wood looks, you can match with the table. For $449.95, you can add the ability to use your devices at your height.


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