Zolt Charger Plus: Alternate Power Brick for Your Laptop – CES 2015

Zolt Power Charger

Zolt Power Charger

Our laptops are getting smaller and smaller. Yet the power brick you use to charge up the battery seems to stay the same large device. The folks at Zolt want to change that with the Zolt Power charger – a charger that is a fraction of the size.

The Zolt power charger looks similar to any tablet or smartphone charging wart. Four times smaller than your laptop charger, this could fit into your bag easy. Best part – your laptop charger can stay at home on the desk.

Zolt Charges More than Laptops

Zolt is for 60 or 70 Watt laptop chargers. Best part – there are two more USB ports for your smartphone or tablet. It can only charge one laptop at a time, but with the interchangable plugs, you can charge your HP laptop, then switch it up for your friend’s Acer laptop. It even charges up a Macbook.

Other features include a collapsible plug fork for easier portability, a base that turns 90 degrees so the USB plugs don’t block other power outlets and a 6 foot cord that wraps around the device. The device even lights up so you can see how you are plugging in your device.

Zolt is available for pre-order for $79. For more information, check out GoZolt.com

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