2013 Ford Mustang GT First Drive Impressions [Video]


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It’s America’s Pony Car. the Muscle of Ford – the 2013 Ford Mustang is the American dream car. Has been since 1964 when the Mustang first came out (wikipedia). But in 2013, the Mustang got an overhaul that makes everyone drool. From the new look, to the new technologies inside, this 450 horsepower vehicle is going to be the leader in sports cars.

Mustang Exterior Features

The Ford Mustang V6 and GT models got some new changes. Starting with the front end – a more powerful design in the grill alone. The splitter and heat extractors on the hood of the Mustang GT show more power and a little more sport. The Signature HID lighting illuminate the roads. Best part, they are standard.

New wheels are on the 2013 Mustang, standard 17 inch for V6, 19 inch for GT, with updated designs and finishes to match the driver. bring a premium appearance for the driver – with the Mustang name on the inside, and painted to match the color of the car.

The rear-view mirrors have a little to them. They project the Mustang emblem on the ground when the unlock button is pressed.

The rear-end lights come with smoked lenses and gloss black applique.

For a full rundown, see the video: Ford Mustang 2013 – Dave Pericak on What’s New

Ford Mustang Interior Features

There are a lot of great features to the interior of the Mustang. Of course, all , with option to upgrade to Recaro seats. This guarantees a fun, sporty, and comfortable ride.

The audio system is an upgraded Shaker audio, which comes in two options – Shaker, with 8 speakers, and Shaker Pro with 9 speakers. The Shaker Pro version brings in a complete acoustic experience. With the quiet interior, you can turn the music up to 11 and not hear a bad note. Believe me – we tried.

The Mustang GT Track package (Manual GT Mustang, only) come with a 3.73 axle, engine oil cooler, upgraded radiator and performance friction brake pads that you would see on the Boss 302. You do have option to switch from manual drive to automatic – that way you can push your Mustang the way you need to.

Mustang Instrument Cluster and Microsoft Sync

Just like all Ford vehichles, the 2013 Mustang can be equipped with Microsoft Sync and hands-free options. Ford apps like in-car navigation, heating controls, Sirius XM radio, and more. Additional apps like Nuance, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and more bring a full experience to your Mustang.

Additionally, a 4.2-inch color LCD productivity screen is located between the speedometer and tachometer. This screen allows you to access information related to performance of the vehicle.

A five-way button panel on the steering wheel allows you to navigate through the Track Apps Ford offers. You can check mileage, oil temperature, air/fuel ratio, g force, and even get a simulated Christmas tree for performance testing. All from your dashboard.

Track Apps:

  • Accelerometer
  • Acceleration Timer
  • Brake Performance
  • Countdown Start
Line of Ford Mustangs

Line of Ford Mustangs

Ford Mustang Driving – the Good

We took the top-of -the-line Mustang through the roads of Oregon. Testing the power and speed, this vehicle handled all we threw at it. The suspension was awesome – I didn’t bounce around at all. When you put your foot on the floor, the car responded in kind, and that made for a great drive around those windy roads.

I also didn’t feel cramped, like I do in most cars. The steering column fit to my larger hands and I was able to navigate around the steering column without taking my eyes off the road. Especially the cruise control, which I like to use in everyday driving.

Ford Mustang Driving – the Bad

The manual shift option felt a little lanky – I am used to paddles on the steering wheel, instead I had a up-down button on the shifter. I got a little cross with how it did shift.

The seats could have used a little more option. The day before, we drove the Ford Taurus SHO, which had some great features to the seats. While don’t care that much about the Shiatsu option in the Taurus, I felt I had more control over the adjustments in the seats. Would like to see that for the Mustang.

When I put the car in reverse, it had a punch to it. More than I would expect it to have – I was barely touching the pedal and kicking up gravel. While nice in a pinch, it could get away from some drivers simply backing out of a stall.

I had some problems with the Sync system – the turn by turn direction voice stopped working halfway through the drive. I was still able to use the system without missing a turn (the music would dim when a change was coming).

The Mustang does have a gas mileage of 19 city, 31 highway, but if you are “punching” the car, you might not see these numbers.

Overall Drive of the 2013 Ford Mustang

This was a fun little car to take on the twisting, turning roads of Oregon. It handled beautifully, and was one of the smoothest rides I have experienced in a while. This car commands, and as a driver, I felt empowered. The new track apps helped you understand how you were driving, and it does bring a little bit of fun to the drive.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding – Check out the Video of the Ford test drive above.

Special thanks to Mike Perlman for being my drive buddy. Check out TechnoBuffalo’s video on this Ford Mustang Drive

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