3D TV Standards? Want to Watch in 2D? Sensio Helps with Both.



standard – that is the one part of technology we haven’t decided on. But what if you want to watch the content in 2D?

Sensio is hard at work, trying to get us that standard to continue forward. They were at  Unveiled to tell the world about three new poducts: Sensio Auto Detect; S2D Switch; and the HiFi 3D Codec.

Sensio Auto Detect automatically determines if the signal is 2D or 3D and accordingly. Sensio uses the HiFi 3D Codec, which helps to decode 3D formats. S2D Switch allows the user to view 3D content as 2D. Sensio also has a 3D library of content to provide the entire 3D experience.

Their goal – of course – is to give the best cinematic experience out there, while giving you a standard 3D picture. If you don’t want to watch a show in 3D, then flip a switch and watch that show in 2D. Sensio also can make the flip if needed.

Post by Tom Newman of the Fogview Podcast

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