Actiontec Introduces Wireless HDMI

Actiontec wireless HDMI

Actiontec wireless HDMI

Another set of wire standards, another set of wires to be run in the house. Or do you?

Actiontec was at showing off a new way to send your HDMI 1 to your LED TV. Best part is it’s done wirelessly.

The company makes a series of and Ethernet over Power line technology. Now they have My – a device that can transmit HDMI signal – Even a image – through the air.

The transmitters – receivers run on a standard 802.11 . They are fully compliant with 1080 / 60 . You can have the devices up to 150 feet apart from each other, which means the can be on the other side of the room and still get a good connection.

The product boasts no . Therefore you should be able to play a and not see any problems. You can watch the action and when you press pause, the screen will pause.

The best part is the 2 puck system is sleek and portable. Therefore if you take your system to a friends house, you can connect up pretty quick.

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