Add a Teleprompter to Video Production: Mirror Image – NAB 2014

Mirror Image IP10 Teleprompter

Image IP10

I have been thinking about adding a teleprompter to my video podcasts. Something that if I script a section, I can read it and still look like I am looking at a camera. The current situation I have a monitor underneath the camera which turns to be very noticeable when I am reading. Plus, I will lose my place because I re-focus back to the from time to time.

I stopped by the Mirror Image booth to talk with JT about teleprompters. They have a full range of them at their website – Teleprompters.comStrong, sturdy camera mounts that fold up to the size of a small briefcase. Attach a computer monitor or even an iPad (depending on the model) with speed remote and you are able to read script from whatever the situation.

I took a look at the IP10 teleprompter and found out a few things about what really makes these things work. For instance – did you know the mirror surface should be glass over plastic? I also found out you must have a way to adjust the camera to sit at the right spot on a teleprompter or else you will get image distortion.

Best part – the IP10 starts at $795. For something that will make your videos more professional, you should be able to cover the cost in a few videos.


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