AirSig Password Wallet: Write in the Air to Authenticate, Open apps

When I pull out my phone I have to run the unlock code, find the app I want and open it up. AirSig has a better idea – Press a button and write in the air to open up. Air signature to even unlock the phone.

Stating that everyone has a different writing style, AirSign uses the to map out your writing style. After all – you sign your name different than others do. If the phone recognizes your signature then it can open up.

Here is how it works – the user holds the phone similar to a pen. They push a button and air-write their name to unlock the phone. Different commands could open different apps. If you write in the air it will open up the social network.

I got to see how it not only opened up a smartphone, but also unlocked the computer. Since more people have their phones on their person more than wallets and keys nowadays, the phone becomes a great tool.

I even tried to open up the computer with someone else’s authentication. Since I don’t have much reference besides watching what the other person does, I wasn’t able to replicate their motions to make the computer open.

AirSig notes this is better than even a fingerprint sensor authentication. There is no data or major company to back up that claim that I found on the web, though.

You also don’t have to write Facebook or sign your name to open up the device. You can use custom words to further confuse and thwart any would-be hackers. Sign “Dog” to unlock or “Strawberry” to open your email app.

AirSig is available in the store. For more information, check out


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