Archerfish Solo Outdoor/Indoor Smart Video Surveillance

Archerfish solo

Archerfish solo

Debbie Shuey from Archerfish Solo joined Andy on the Live CES coverage. Archerfish is a video surveillance system that can learn.

You program it to watch for certain events, maybe when the car pulls in at 5 PM on Monday-Friday to understand someone is coming home from work. Once it realizes there is a problem, the camera really goes into work.

Archerfish Solo then sends events to phones, email or whatever you want. However, if the neighborhood dog walks through the yard by accident, or if a branch falls down, solo can learn to ignore those.

The video is stored via SD card or on the cloud. There is a free service to send video to, with an extended service option for $5 a month per camera.

Archerfish Solo is available for $329 at , Fry’s, and more.

Interview by Andrew McCaskey of RV News Net

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