ASP: Anti Sleep Pilot Keeps Drivers Focused on Road



We’ve all done it. Tried to get , but our eyes just cannot focus on the road. Need sleep, but also need to get to your bed to do so. If we only had a coach to help us get safe.

That is what ASP is all about. It is the Anti Sleep Pilot that tells you if you are too drowsy to drive. Interestingly enough – There are ways to counter and get you home in one piece.

Todd talks with Jesper about this interesting product. You start by taking a simple 2 . As you drive, this item helps you calculate your drowsiness. Throughout the drive, it will make a sound where you have to touch the device. By doing this, it can determine if you need a break and even refocus you on the road.

ASP will be available by Q1 – Q2 for around $200.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central

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