ASP: Anti Sleep Pilot Keeps Drivers Focused on Road



We’ve all done it. Tried to get home, but our eyes just cannot focus on the road. Need , but also need to get to your bed to do so. If we only had a to help us get home safe.

That is what ASP is all about. It is the Anti Sleep that tells you if you are too drowsy to drive. Interestingly enough – There are ways to counter and get you home in one piece.

Todd talks with Jesper about this interesting product. You start by taking a simple 2 . As you drive, this item helps you calculate your drowsiness. Throughout the drive, it will make a sound where you have to touch the device. By doing this, it can determine if you need a break and even refocus you on the road.

ASP will be available by Q1 – Q2 for around $200.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central

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