Betterworks: Reward Your Staff – TechCrunch Disrupt 2011



In this day and age where jobs get cut and we have to take pay cuts just to keep working, it would be nice to give your something to let them know you still are fighting for them. Betterworks has a solution to that – Work as a network to get discounts for perks. Therefore, gym memberships, food coupons and other services can be obtained.

interviews Paige Craig of Betterworks about this great way of rewarding your staff:

There are a million ways to run your company better with software – Whether it’s financial packages or how to take reservations online. We wanted to tackle the biggest problem out there – how do you take care of your . I’m not talking payroll – I’m talking about all the fun ways to reward and recognize people, make life better.

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Whether you are building cars or software – especially if you are a SMB. Betterworks has turned down the big business to focus on . With company referrals, new vendors come on everyday. These are perks you would order, then go pick up.

Paige notes that in a regular referral , they have found that 1/3 of their budget is wasted on what employees want. Betterworks surveys the employees to give them a perk they can use. Therefore, the company uses their cost-effectively.

If you are a company that is looking to give your employees perks,

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