Blogworld New Media Expo 2009 Day 1

The day was long, but well worth it. I got on a plane about 5:10 this morning. The flight would take me to Chicago, where I would have to wait until 8:11 to continue on.

However, problems kept us in Chicago a little longer. The plane had some technical glitch that could be fixed by unplugging (something), then taking one from another plane. They kept saying it would only take a .

…Two hours later…

We finally got underway after 10 AM. With a 2 hour time shift, that brought the plane in at about 11:45 AM.

Got to the hotel, however, my was not functioning. Apparently the card now wants me to call them and let them know I will be traveling. Not sure why I need a babysitter, but it was a minor setback.

Took a walk around the hotel. Extremely close to the Hilton and the Convention center. Also really close to a , 7-11 and . Pretty cool.

By 5 PM, met up with Todd and the RawVoice team at the Hilton. We sat by the poolside talking shop for a . We made plans and headed to dinner. A nice Japanese restaurant in the hotel with it’s own show every hour. Don’t worry – the was just a light show, but it was still impressive. Andy McCaskey joined us for some great food.

Then it was off to the pre- Tweetup. I got a chance to really talk to the team. I also got to talk to a couple and Kosso – the creator of Phreadz. That brought it to the end of the night for me. Back to the Hotel where I would get some needed work done.

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