Blue Microphones: Tiki, Mikey Digital, Spark Digital – CES 2012


Jon Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones joins Todd and Don on the live coverage. He showed off three new microphones at Blue.

The Mikey Digital is an improved microphone you can attach to and iPad. Being digital, you can do things inside the mic, like a 3-position switch. You can get a low gain, high gain, or an automatic mode. There is an input to the Mikey, where you can now use it as a lav mic input or a line input.

The Tiki is a USB plug-in device to enhance the microphone. The Tiki contains intelligent signal processing so that strange noises, such as typing on a keyboard, is ignored. Noise cancelling, EQ, and intelligent mute to understand this is not a voice and mutes it. It’s a great device for note-taking USB.

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Finally, the studio-grade Spark Digital is a pro mike, meant to plug into an iPad or USB port. The Spark comes with a stand. It comes with the cable to connect to the iPad and USB wih headphone out.

All mics are expected to be available in spring. $59 for Tiki, $99 for the Mikey Digital and $199 for the Spark Digital.

Interview by of Geek News Central and Interview by Don , the Gadget Professor, for the TechPodcast Network.

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